December 7, 2015


rolled oatsrolled oatsThe weather is cooling down here and it makes me want to knit! I made this moss stitch scarf recently. Cute eh? Knitting was a pretty fun pass time when my Mum was sick; I made tons of hats back then. This yarn is actually some of my Mum's so I wanted to make a scarf from it for my niece who never got to meet her Grandma.

What have you been making?


  1. I am thinking about how I could answer your question on what have I been making.. When I look at your lovely colourful blog and ask that question I have been making nothing, so I asked myself "do I want to be making some of these beautiful colourful things" and the answer is emphatically No. I am just happy to pay you for making them since you obviously enjoy it. They are made with love and show it. Thanks for sharing with me. AM

  2. Thanks for your kind words AM. I remember when Rach had little ones she was always working on this or that project. Now I totally get it! xx